BMP Films

BMP Films was started to create documentaries and narrative films which tell intimate human stories; compelling and emotional accounts of real life events.

Our latest film, THEY CALL US MONSTERS, follows three violent juvenile offenders being tried as adults in California. While they await trial, the juvenile offenders write a movie together. It’s the story of their childhoods with one major revision—the main character doesn’t end up in jail. The documentary premiered at the L.A. Film Festival in June 2016, and is now available on iTunes and

In 2007 we released our first documentary, AUTISM: THE MUSICAL, which premiered on HBO and later played on OWN. The film won two prime-time Emmy’s – one for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special and the other for Outstanding Picture Editing for Non-Fiction Special – as well as numerous audience and jury awards at festivals worldwide.

In 2008 BMP Films produced PEDRO, the story of Pedro Zamora who was the first openly gay, HIV positive person on prime time TV. The feature premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, aired on MTV and is now out on DVD.

In 2009 BMP produced BILLIONAIRE, the story of DHL founder and tycoon Larry Hillblom, who disappeared mysteriously in a small plane crash leaving his unacknowledged children to fight for their share of his vast fortune. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It premiered on CNBC and is now available on Netflix and On-demand.

In 2013, BMP produced VALENTINE ROAD, a documentary that unravels a well-publicized and complex story of a shooting in a middle school classroom of a 15-year old gay teen by a fellow student. The documentary premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in the documentary competition and has been acquired by HBO.