Why Join the Bunim/Murray Family?

Bunim/Murray is a fun place to work! The company strives to ensure that employees feel that they contribute to and are part of the larger organization. Our culture of respect and appreciation is driven from the top of the organization, and managers are encouraged to grow and support the people within their work groups. The history, reputation, and culture of our company has made it a magnet for those interested in a career in reality television production. We promote heavily from within, but we also are on the lookout for the best talent from outside the company.

We have a strong internship program, enabling college seniors and recent college graduates interested in the entertainment industry to get valuable experience in the Casting, Post, or Music departments. Many of these interns love their experience, and want to come back to work for the company after graduation. By targeting educational institutions that have programs related to our business, we can locate the best and brightest future talent.

Career advancement through promoting from within is a long-standing and important part of our culture. Some of our executives started out in entry-level positions and have risen to the top of the organization. We hire a large number of entry-level employees, and those who perform well are selected to move into other areas. Typically, a manager will note that an employee is hard working, capable, and gets along well with others, and will ask that employee about their career interests, and give them opportunities to move into that area. When time permits, high-performing employees are provided with short projects outside of their usual job duties to give them exposure to other functions within the company and test their abilities.

Our employees tell us that compared to other companies this is the best place to grow, and they love being part of the Bunim/Murray family.