Lorraine Ward

Director, Rights & Clearances

As Director of Rights and Clearances, Lorraine oversees the Managers and Coordinators in the clearance department, both in the field and in post-production. She aids the legal department in watching cuts, giving notes, training all clearance personnel in the field and in post and serves as a resource in clearing all matters for broadcast. Lorraine also works closely with Finance, IT, and Production Management to ensure all agreements are secured from the various departments, keeping lines of communication open, and handling deliverable needs for the networks.


In her own words:


NOTABLE BMP PROJECTS YOU’VE WORKED ON: I’ve worked on practically everything, starting with Bad Girls Club


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH BMP AND WHAT WAS YOUR ROLE WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED? I started here in 2011 as a Post Release Coordinator.


BRIEF SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO BMP: I went from college straight into law school, and then came to BMP.


COLLEGE/DEGREE(S): B.S. Political Science, B.S. History, B.S. with minor in Social Welfare, and Juris Doctorate


FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: I’ve been boxing for ten years and enjoy sparring.