Raul DeLuna

Executive Director, Production Finance

In his role as Executive Director, Production Finance, Raul provides Production Finance oversight, which includes financial oversight throughout the lifecycle of production, from pre-production through post-production. This includes oversight of the Production Accountants, including interfacing between them and the Line Producers to streamline production while still ensuring compliance with BMP’s policies and procedures. Raul is also responsible for designing, implementing, and enforcing financial management and reporting structures and day-to-day production accounting policies and procedures.

In his own words:


NOTABLE BMP PROJECTS: There are many, but if I had to choose, it would be Born this Way and the Challenge.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH BMP AND WHAT WAS YOUR ROLE WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED? I started working here as a Post Production Accountant sixteen years ago.


BRIEF SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO BMP: I worked in accounting for a small production company on various documentary shows.


COLLEGE/DEGREE(S): California State University, Northridge / B.S. in Finance


FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: When I get a chance, I enjoy Glamping in the great outdoors where I can recharge and de-stress.